Adding Email Attachments to File Activities Page

Adding Email Attachments to File Activities Page

If you have received or sent an email with an attachment, you can easily add this attachment to the Activities page of a file. From here, you can include the attachment in a bill, group activity, edit it, log time for the activity, and more. 

  1. 1. Click on Files in the left pane of your Thread page. 

  1. 2. Search for the file name containing an email attachment. 

  1. 3. Click the file name. 

  1. 4. Under the File Documents tab, click Emails. 


  1. 5. Click the email containing the attachment. 

  1. 6. In the email, click the drop-down menu on the email attachment that you want to add to the Activities page and select Move to Activity. 


  1. 7. Rename the item and click Move. 


  1. 8. The item will now appear on the File Activities page. 

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