Adding Outlook Emails and Attachments to Thread

Adding Outlook Emails and Attachments to Thread

With Thread’s Outlook add-in, you can easily upload emails and email attachments to Thread directly from Outlook. You can rename emails and attachments from the Add-in, add a status, activity type, and time type, add to a bundle or group activity, and log time on the item.  

Simply open the relevant email, and search for the file you need to add it to.

1. When in the email, click on Thread for Email logo to open the add-in.

Desktop Outlook:

Web Outlook:

or find the add-in when clicking on the ellipsis (...)

2To add an email to a file, search for the file you need to add this email to. You can search open files, or search all files including closed and archived by toggling off Open Only.

3. Once you selected the file, using below options you can choose a different author, activity status, bundle group, type of activity, time type and add the email to a group activity if needed. You can also enter the time you've spent on this email, and rename email if needed. 

To select an existing group activity, click on the field under Group and tick the relevant box,

To create a new group activity, choose the  icon and type the name of new group activity (b), then select that group from the list.

              After creating the group, make sure to select it so that this email is added to that group.


4. If you have an email with attachments, at the bottom choose if you want to add:

If the email has attachments that are not documents, you can view those by toggling off Document Only to view All attachments instead.

5. Select/unselect attachments as needed.

6. Double click on attachment name to rename it.

7. Click Add to Matter at the bottom to add this email with attachments to the file.

Email options selected such as status, bundle group etc. will apply to all attachments as well.

8. Once you added an email to a file, next time you open this email it will show in the add-in that this email is already added to matter.

To find out more about Outlook add-in functionalities, go to Thread For Email Outlook Add In.

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