Attaching Thread Documents to Outlook Emails

Attaching Thread Documents to Outlook Emails

With our Outlook Add-in, you can easily attach documents on Thread to any email sent from Outlook, saving you time downloading documents and uploading them from your desktop. 

  1. 1. Open your Outlook App. 

  1. 2. Click New Email in the top left pane. 


  1. 3. In the New Email pop-up, open the Thread for Email Add-in and search for a file that you want to select attachments from to this email.

  1. 4. Search for a document by using the search bar shown, and click on the attachment icon to add it to your email. 


  1. 5. Your documents will now be attached to the email. Click Send when finished editing your email. 


To find out more about Outlook add-in functionalities, go to Thread For Email Outlook Add In.

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