Cheat Sheet - File Emails

Cheat Sheet - File Emails

Thread Legal Cheat Sheet  

File Emails 

Stay Connected 

Send emails directly from a file on Thread to clients or other people working on the file. On the File Documents page, click Emails then New. Use email template to send standardised emails. 

Attach File Activities 

Save time searching for documents on your desktop by attaching file activities. On the File Emails page, click Attach Documents. Select file documents from the Activities tab. 


Import Case Related Emails 

Keep your file emails up to date by importing mail from your personal mailbox to files on Thread. On the File Emails page, click Import and select documents from your mailbox. 


Do More With File Emails 

Keep track of emails by adding them to the File Activity page. From here, log time, include it in a bill, a bundle, and more. Select an email and click Add to activity. 


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