Cheat Sheet - Scanned Items

Cheat Sheet - Scanned Items

Thread Legal Cheat Sheet  

Scanned Items 


Link Documents with Files             

Assign multiple documents to a file easily from the Scanned Items page. Select a document and click Assign to File in the top grey pane. 


Upload Multiple Scanned Items 

Upload multiple documents at once and assign them to a file, user or contact directly. Click the box shown below or drag and drop documents to the box. Click Upload. 


Locate Unassigned Docs 

View all documents uploaded within a certain date range and link them to files. In the From date and To date boxes, enter a date range. In the User field, select Unassigned. 


Rename Scanned Documents  

Need to change a document name after it has been uploaded? Easily rename documents before assigning them on Thread. Select the scanned item and click Rename. 


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