Creating a new File

Creating a new File

1. Select the Add File option within the Advanced search screen

This will open the Summary tab screen for a new file
2. Enter a File Name

3. Owner will display the current users name, select alternative users from the drop down list (it is important that the file owner be recorded correctly).
4. File Type drop down must be used to associate the file with a relevant category. See File Categories.
5. Stage drop down enables the selection of the appropriate stage for files of a particular type.   See Maintain File Stage.
6. Description is generally used to record the ‘re’ field that will be used most often within letters and precedents generated later.
7. File code can be used to reflect the accounts code reference for this matter within a ‘non linked’ Accounts package for cross reference; this can be manually entered.
    Where eXpd8 Accounts are installed, this field is renamed to read historic file code and provide reference to previous accounts package file code.
8. Location provides an area to capture the actual location of the hard copy file when required.
9. File number is an internal software reference which cannot be altered.
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