Deploying the new Outlook Office Add-in - IT providers

Deploying the new Outlook Office Add-in - IT providers

To deploy Office Add-in you must have Global Administrator Role Permissions or equivalent.

Step 1.  Login

Login to the Office 365 Admin Centre -

Step 2. Admin Page

Click on the Settings Option in the Left Menu 

Step 3. Apps Page

Click the Integrated Apps Menu Item in the drop down menu

Step 4. Get Apps

Click the Get Apps as highlighted below

Step 5. App Store

Search the App store for Thread - You will find 2 Add ins
Click the Get it Now button on the Thread for Email Add-in. 

Step 6 Who to Deploy To

A) Decide if you are going to do a test deployment or not (For these add-ins it is generally unnecessary)
B) Decide who you are going to deploy this to.
            If you have a lot of users who will not use Thread we recommend creating a User Group for Thread Users and only deploying to that group
            If the business is small and all users will use Thread then you can deploy to Entire Organisation.
            For the Template Designer we do recommend you create a group and only deploy to that group as only certain staff should be allowed to code templates.
C) Once you have made your selections Click Next

Step 7.  Final Steps

On the "Accept Permissions Request" page just click Next 

Step 8. 

On the "Review and Finish Deployment" Page just click Finish Deployment

Step 9.

Once you complete Step 8 you will see your Deployment In Progress... for smaller environments this will complete quickly for larger it may take time.
It may take up to 6 hours after deployment before the application appears in the User's desktop / Web applications.

Click Done to finish the installation. 

Click here to consent the add-in.

Final Notes

You should now see the application in the list of deployed applications
Simply click on the Application to see the settings and also to make modifications.

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