Formatting a Global Email Signature - Admin

Formatting a Global Email Signature - Admin

The global signature feature allows administrators to set up an organisation-wide email signature that users can then apply to emails that are sent through Thread. Users can apply and further configure this global email signature in their Personal Settings.

Learn how to Configure a Global Email Signature. 

Adding Images to your Signature 

If you have multiple images and text in your signature, you will need to add a table to ensure that the format appears correctly.  

To add a table to your Thread Global Signature: 

  1. 1. Go to the Word app. 

  1. 2. Click Insert. 


  1. 3. Select Table. 


  1. 4. Choose the number of rows and columns you want in your table and add it. 


  1. 5.Copy this table and paste it to the Global Email Signature box on Thread. (Located in Admin Settings > General > Commons) 


  1. 6. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to clean or keep the format. Click Clean 


Once you have added the table to the text editor, you will want to edit it to remove the border and add images and links. 

Adding Images: 

  1. 1. Select your cursor inside the table where you want to place your image. 

  1. 2. Click the image icon on the top pane. 


  1. 3. Choose an image from your desktop and upload it. 

  1. 4. To change the size of the image, drag the corners to fit your desired size. 


  1. 5. Select the Edit icon if you want to make advanced edits such as entering a size and border-radius manually or attaching a link to the image. 


  1. 1. Click the link icon. 


  1. 2. Enter the URL, the text to appear on your signature, and a class name if relevant. Select if you want the URL to open on a new tab. 


  1. 3. Click Insert. 


Formatting the table 

You can add or remove rows and columns once the table has been created and stretch the rows to alter the size. 

To change the size of the rows: 

Simply place your cursor on the border and drag it to the right or left as shown. 


Format the table: 

Add or remove rows and columns, align text in the table, split cells, and more. 

Select the table for the Edit box to appear and choose how you want to format your table. 


Removing the border: 

  1. 1. Once you have added the Word table to Thread’s Global Email Signature, select the table so that the edit box appears. 


  1. 2. Select the arrow beside the colour icon to open a colour box. 


  1. 3. Click Border and select the colour white to make the border invisible. 


Using the Text Editor 

You can edit your text to choose the font, increase the size, select a colour, make the text bold, in italics, underlined, and strikethrough. 


Add lists: 

If you need to add bullet points or a list into your signature, you can click the buttons shown below: 


Select the arrow beside each button to open more options, e.g., lower alpha, upper roman, or squares and discs. 


Align your text: 

Align your text to the left, centre, middle, or justified by selecting from the buttons shown: 


Choose text style: 

Turn your text into a heading, quote, or code by choosing from the options shown: 



Using the Html Format

If you have an html of your email signature provided by your IT,  you can paste the whole html into the Html Format area of Global Email Signature.

Once saved, you can make any changes if needed in Text Editor as above.

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