How to include a Microsoft Form link in Thread email template?

How to include a Microsoft Form link in Thread email template?

You can use Microsoft Forms to create and share forms with your clients whenever you need to collect any information for the file you are starting or working on. You can check short video guides on how to create a form and share the form to collect responses.

1. Open Template Desk and choose Create & Edit

2. From the dropdown menu at the top, select Email Template

3. Create a new template for emails where you want to include a Microsoft Forms link by choosing New Word Document

4. In your form, copy the link from Collect responses button

5. In the Word document, choose where you want the form link to show in the body of the text, and click on Link in Insert toolbar of your Word document

6. Select Insert Link

7. Type how you want the link to display in your email, then paste the copied link to Enter Link box

8. You will now see your form as a link in your template

9. See here for steps how to use email templates when sending an email from Thread.

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