eXpd8 install assist

eXpd8 Installation Guidelines (for IT Providers)

Note: Please review the checklist before proceeding with the eXpd8 installation.


 - .NET 3.5 and 4.7 should be installed and turned on.

 - eXpd8 must be installed under the user's profile.
 - User profile should have local admin rights for the installation only. Local admin rights can be removed afterwards.
 - MS Office (Desktop - 32-bit is recommended), user profile set up for Windows/Outlook and Outlook folders should be up to date.
 - Macros should enabled in MS Word.
 - Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC required. Security (Enhanced) features should be turned off.

- The eXpd8 folder from the server where expd8 server is installed should be mapped in a network drive in the PC.

How To Install eXpd8 

1.   Use the following link to download eXpd8 Assist:

2.  Once downloaded, run the app as admin.

3.   The eXpd8 Assist will open:

You can click on the Get System Requirements to read the current PC specifications if it is compatible with eXpd8. 

4. Once the System Requirements are met, go to Setup Wizard tab.

eXpd8 Assist : Step 1 - Install eXpd8 CMS

5. Click on the Install button for Step 1 - Install eXpd8 CMS.

The eXpd8 installation setup screen will appear as below:

Fill out the first field by putting the eXpd8 server name. Format should be: <SERVERNAME>\SQLEXPD8.

6. Database name, Database user name and Database user password are auto filled. Click Next
If error is encountered, please contact eXpd8 support by using the following contact details:
Hotline: +35318704949   

7. Select Start Menu Folder screen will appear. You can Click Next.

8. Installation of eXpd8 will start. Wait until it finishes. Once done, click Finish and Run eXpd8.
Installation In Progress:

Installation Completed:

eXpd8 Assist : Step 2 - Scan Watcher

9. Click on the Install button for Step 2 - Install Scan Watcher. Scan Watcher installer setup screen will appear. 

10. Click on Next until the installation is finished.

eXpd8 Assist : Step 3 - Install XPS Printer

11. Click on the Install button for Step 3 - Install XPS Printer. A command prompt will appear. Once the installation is finished, the command prompt will disappear, and then a prompt with the following message will appear: XPS Printer has been installed.

eXpd8 Assist : Step 4 - Enable MS Word and Adobe Reader for eXpd8 CMS

12. Click on the Enable button for Step 4 - Enable MS Word for eXpd8 CMS. A message prompt will appear: MS Word enabled.
If this doesn't work, open Microsoft Word. Go to File - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings -  Macro Settings. Here tick Enable all macro settings.

13. Click on the Enable button for Step 4 - Enable Adobe Reader for eXpd8 CMSA message prompt will appear: Adobe Reader enabled.
If this doesn't work, open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to, Edit - Preferences - Security (Enhanced). Here untick Enable Protected Mode at startup and Enable Enhanced Security. Turn Protected View to Off.

14. Click on the Install button for Step 5 - Install eXpd8AccountsLink. The eXpd8AccountsLink will pop. 

15. Find the location of the eXpd8Accounts folder.
  1. For the Accounts interface folder for integration, it will be the AccountsInterface subfolder under eXpd8Accounts folder.
  2. For the Accounts data folder, it will be the data subfolder under eXpd8Accounts folder.
Click Next.

16. Select Start Menu Folder will show. Click Next.

17. Click on Install.

18. Installation will be finished. To test if the AccountsLink is working, try creating a file or modify existing files. eXpd8 will prompt a message to confirm if you want to export the activities to eXpd8accounts.

How to Setup eXpd8 Scan Watcher

14. Open Scan Watcher.
15. To define the scans folder, click on File, choose Select Folder.
16. Create a new folder named Scans inside the eXpd8 drive, as shown as an example below:

17.  To define the user, click on File, then choose Change User. Choose the user setup for that PC, as shown as an example below:

How to export eXpd8 Registry

18. Go to eXpd8 Assist, then go to eXpd8 Registry tab.

19. Click on Export to export the eXpd8 registry, along the scan watcher registry.

20. A Save Dialog Box will appear. Place it in the eXpd8 drive  and save it as eXpd8.reg

21. Every users can now use eXpd8 registry within the network.

eXpd8 is now ready for use. If the intended user is a new user, please consult with the client's Office Manager to request for a new user account.

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