Linking a Client to a File

Linking a Client to a File

After creating a new file, it's important to then link a main client to the file.

1. Click Contacts tab and select the Link Client option.

This will open the eXpd8 address book

2. First start a search for the client, in the search for box

3. Once you have the relevant client record displayed either double click on the record or highlight the record and click the OK option.
If the client is not already available in your database, you can click Add New Client

This will open a client information sheet

4. Enter all appropriate and available data
The comments section to the bottom left enables the capture of appropriate comments in relation to the client

5. Once you have completed the contact details sheet click Save
A prompt to check for Possible Client Conflicts will be displayed.

6. The client will then be displayed in the Contact Listing panel of your file under the Main client heading.
Please note additional clients can be added via the same method. The first client added to a case will be set as the main client by default

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