Navigating the Thread for Email Outlook add-in

Navigating the Thread for Email Outlook add-in

When using Thread for Email Outlook add-in, find below guide to navigate the add-in functionalities
a) Use the menu icon on the top left to access this guide, contact support, reload the add-in or sign out.
b) In Email Detail view you will see at the top a list of all Contacts found in the email, which will show if they are an existing contact in Thread or give an option to add them as a contact .

c) If there are attachments on the email you opened, they will come under the Contacts where you can choose to add them to contact if needed. See here for more details.

d) Below Contacts, you can find the Matters section where you can search for a file you want to add the email and attachments to, or create a new file. 

e) If you have an existing file in Thread where your Contact is the main client, you will see the files listed below Matter(s).

f) After you have selected a file where you want to add the email, you will see below options for this activity. 

g) Click on a field to expand the dropdown menu if applicable, or start typing.


h) To remove selection, choose X icon.

i) Scroll to the bottom to select attachments if needed, and add to file.

j) Use the arrows to minimise sections.

k) Notifications will come at the top when you have successfully completed an action.

l) When you choose an action (Create new Matter, Add Contact etc.) but wish to go back to the main screen of the add-in, just use the back arrow at the top left.

            Note: The menu will show on the left side while creating a file or contact.

m) View our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the add-in.
n) Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and scroll up or down using your mouse to zoom in or out
For more information please go to Thread For Email Outlook Add In.

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