Provisioning Thread Legal

Provisioning Thread Legal

Requirements Before Starting

1. A Global Administrator login for the Microsoft 365 tenant. 
2. List of Thread user email addresses (all users require Microsoft Business licence).
3. Create a shared mailbox called thread@clientdomainname that all relevant users have access to; or create an “Exchange Online Plan 1” licensed Microsoft user - thread@clientdomainname. This will be used as the dedicated email address within the instructions. 
4. Create an unlicensed Microsoft User - threadadmin@clientdomainname - for the Thread team's use. This does not require a Microsoft license. (only in case of migration)

Provisioning Thread Legal 

  1. Go to 
  1. Click Get Thread

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  1. Sign in using the Global Administrator login details for the Microsoft 365 tenant.  
  1. You will be asked to accept permissions, click Accept.

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  1. Fill out contact details and click Install

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  1. Continue to the next step while Thread is installing.

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Setting up Mail flow rule

Log in to the Microsoft 365 Admin center portal 

In the left pane, click Exchange under the Admin section. 

Click Mail flow

Under the rules tab, click the + button and click Create a new rule


The transport rule window will be displayed.


In the Name field, enter Thread Mail Flow

For Apply this rule if, click The sender is external/internal and choose – Outside the organisation. (In-house legal teams may want to skip this step, if they would like emails from other individuals within the organisation to be included in the mailflow).

Click + to Add condition

In the box under And… select ‘The subject or body - choose subject or body includes any of these words’ and type ‘This Thread Request ID is used to track application communication’. Click the 'Add' button'. 

Select the phrase and click 'Save'.

Under Do the following… choose ‘Add recipients... to the BCC box’ and select the dedicated email address (thread@domainname).  

Under Except if… select ‘The sender... is this person’ and select the dedicated email address.

Then add + another Or… Except If...The Recipient... is this person’ and select the dedicated email address.  

Click Next

Once the rule is added, make sure to enable it. In the rules, click on the rule you created, and toggle to Enabled. Wait for the rule to update.


Setting up Thread Email Functionality 

Once Thread is installed, log on to Thread using the Global Administrator details. 

Click Admin Settings in the left pane of Thread. 

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Click the System tab. 

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Click App Consent in the left pane and click Approve for each application. After consent click Verify to make sure is successful.

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Each approve will ask to pick the Global Admin account and accept permissions. Pick account and click Accept.

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Then click the General Tab. 

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Go to Dedicated Email under the Commons tab.  

Enter the licensed email address into the Dedicated Email field and click Verify & Save

Adding Users 

Once the above steps have been completed, you can add new users to your Thread account. New users must already exist on your company’s database, have a Microsoft 365 account, and have an appropriate Microsoft 365 license.  

  1. Under the User Hub tab in the left pane, click User Management.  

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  1. Click Add in the top grey pane.   

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  1. The Import a User from Office 365 tab will appear. Fill in all details.    A picture containing graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated 
  2. If more than one user appears after searching, select the user you want to add to Thread.   
  3. Click Save to add the new user.  

Test the Mail flow

To test that setting up the email functionality has worked: 

Send an email to an individual who has been added to Thread, with the subject 'Thread test - Please ignore' and the following pasted into the body of the email: 'This Thread Request ID is used to track application communication:'. The email should appear in the Unassigned Emails tab of Thread. 

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Deploying Thread Office Addin Apps from the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre

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