Setting up a Scanned Items Folder on your PC to Sync to Thread

Setting up a Scanned Items Folder on your PC to Sync to Thread

Link your scanner to Thread to make it faster and easier to upload documents to the application. Once you have configured these settings, scanned documents will appear in the Unassigned Emails tab, where you can assign them to a contact or file easily.  

If your scanned items are not appearing on Thread, please check the steps below to ensure that your OneDrive folder is synced. 

  1. 1. Log in in to 

  1. 2. Select the menu box (Top Left) and click on SharePoint. 


  1. 3. Click on the Thread Management Dashboard Site 


  1. 4. On the Thread Management Dashboard click on Site Contents in the left menu. 


  1. 5. Scroll down and click on ScannedItems. 


  1. 6. Click the Sync button on the top pane. 


This will allow Microsoft OneDrive to sync the Scanned Items folder locally to your computer.  

  1. 7. Click to open Microsoft OneDrive. 


  1. 8. Sign in to Microsoft OneDrive with your credentials (if not already signed in). 


  1. 9. The default location for storing the folder is suggested. Click Change location to change this to a unique location. 


  1. 10. Navigate to your Local Disk (C:) and create a New Folder called Thread 


  1. 11. Select this folder. 

  1. 12. Click Next to continue to the End of the setup of OneDrive and select Later to get the mobile App at a later date. 



  1. 13. Your OneDrive folder is now in sync with Thread. 


  1. 1. Go to your Documents app on your desktop. 

  1. 2. Open the One Drive Folder you created and Right Click on ‘Thread Management Dashboard – ScannedItems’ and select Properties. 


  1. 3. Go to the Sharing tab and click Advanced Sharing. 


  1. 4. Select the checkbox to Share this folder, Rename the Share name: to 'ThreadScans' and click on the Permissions button. 


  1. 5. Click the Allow checkbox for Full Control and click Apply and OK. 


  1. 6. Click the Security tab on the top pane. 


7. Click on Everyone and then click Edit. 


  1. 8. Click on the checkbox to Allow Full Control, click Apply, and OK. 


  1. 9. Click back on the Sharing Tab. 


  1. You will notice the Network Path: above \\Surface-SL\ThreadScans this will be unique to your own pc/server name. 

  1. 10. Have your scanner send scans to this shared SMB network folder location. 

  2. Once an item is scanned to this location it will automatically sync with the Thread Scanned Items folder and will appear in the Unassigned Scanned Items section of Thread. 

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