Generating Documents From Templates

Generating Documents From Templates

Once you have installed the Thread Template Designer, and have created some templates to be used on Thread, you can easily generate documents directly from a file. You can choose to send one copy of the document per recipient or generate a document referencing all selected contacts. 

Note: When referencing contacts, they must be linked to the file you are on. 

  1. 1. Click Files in the left pane of Thread. 

  1. 2. Search for the file you want to generate a document for and click the file name. 

  1. 3. Go to the Activities tab in File Documents. 


  1. 4. To generate a document from a template, click the arrow beside New in the top grey pane. 


  1. 5. Click Generate Template. 

  1. 6. A pop-up window will appear. You can choose to view all templates or templates for the specific file category. Search for the template using the search bar.  


Note: If the template does not appear, you may need to select All categories and search for the template. 

  1. 7. Select the template and click Next. 

  1. 8. A new window will appear. Select the contact you want to create the document for and click Create 


  1. 9. If you wish to generate either a separate copy per contact or one copy referencing all selected contacts - select the relevant contacts and select your preferred  generation type a) or b) 


  1. 10. Click Create. 

The activity will automatically link to the file you are on and appear in the File Activities tab. You can view and edit it at a later date from this page. Time spent editing that document is automatically logged and displayed in the Activities section. 

To learn more about all that you can do with file documents, go to File Documents - Overview.

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