File Documents - Overview

File Documents - Overview

It is important to have all file documents in one place, where they can be easily accessed and edited.

Create new documents, or use templates to generate documents from templates (you must have templates already set up in your Template Desk).

If you already have some documents on your device that you wish to add to the file, you can do this by uploading documents using the Drop or click box.

You can view any modifications or edits made to a file document from the Activities page, by choosing Document History from the top grey pane. You can also restore a document to its previous version and compare different versions.


You can also copy a document within the same file, or make a copy of the documents across different files. 

Converting Word documents to PDF

Quickly convert any Word document in your file to a PDF.

When in file Activities page, right click on the document you wish to convert and select Convert to PDF.

A PDF version of this document will automatically be created and uploaded to the file, and you will get a notification when it has converted successfully.

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