Import documents from OneDrive folder

Import documents from OneDrive folder

If you have documents within your OneDrive that you wish to add to a file, you can easily do this by using the Import -> From OneDrive.

Once you click this, a pop-up window will open with your OneDrive folders, where you can locate the documents you need. Select all you need to import to file, and click Select.

You will be asked to select a group activity where you would like to add those documents. Tick the relevant group, or leave it on Others and click OK.

Selected documents will now show in your file activities, where you can continue working on them.

You can share a folder in your OneDrive with a client so they can upload documents you need directly to that folder. Follow the steps below to allow your client (or any external user) to upload documents to a OneDrive folder. You can then follow the steps above to import those documents into the file.

Sharing a OneDrive folder with External User

Please note below steps are a help guide only - this is not a Thread functionality. For any questions or issues with sharing a OneDrive folder with external users, please contact your IT provider or refer to Microsoft guides.

Create a folder in your OneDrive where you would like your client or other external user to upload documents. Right-click on the folder, and choose Share.

Click on Sharing settings.

Select the 'People you choose' option, allow 'Can edit', and then click Apply

Enter the email address of the person you wish to share this folder with, enter a message (optional), and click Send.

The external user will get an email with the link to access this folder, and they will be able to upload files directly to that folder. For more information on sharing OneDrive folders, please refer to the Microsoft guide here

You can follow the steps above to import documents to a file from a OneDrive folder.

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