Importing Emails to a File Inbox

Importing Emails to a File Inbox

You may have had correspondence with a client or other people involved in a file through your Outlook email account. If so, you can easily import these emails to the file inbox on Thread. 

  1. 1. Click on Files in the left pane of your Thread page. 

  1. 2. Under the File Documents tab, click Emails. 

  1. 3. In the top grey pane, click Import to import emails to the file in Thread. 


  1. 4. A pop-up window will appear with the Outlook account you are using with Thread. 

  1. 5. Select the email(s) you wish to import to the file and click Import. 


You may need to scroll down to locate the Import button.

You can now view the imported emails in the file email inbox. 

To find out more about file emails, go to File Emails - Overview.

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