File Emails - Overview

File Emails - Overview

There are many benefits to working with file emails in Thread. You can send emails directly from a file, attaching file documents, using an email template to quickly compile an email pulling the details from the file.

You might also want to schedule send an email and add a follow up task to check if you need to take further action after some time.

When you receive a reply to an email you sent from the file, this email will come directly to the file inbox, ensuring you won't miss any correspondence, and you will be notified of new emails on files on your home page.

You can choose files for which you want to be notified of new emails by following / unfollowing files.

File emails can be added to Activities page where you can change their status, include them in a bundle, or log time spent working on them. You can add email attachments as separate documents to be part of your Activities list too. The email will always be available for you to reply to from the file directly within the Emails tab, where they will now show under Dealt With. 

When an email shows in your Activities page, you can easily preview it to see the email content. You can also open it in Outlook if you wish to reply from there, or open its attachments.

If you have existing emails already in your Outlook email account that you wish to have as part of your file inbox, you can import them so you could reply to it directly from the file.

If you prefer sending emails from Outlook instead, you can use the Thread for Email Outlook Add-in to link emails to the file before you send them, keeping all the conversations logged in the file inbox once the email is sent and replies come in.

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