Sending Emails from a File

Sending Emails from a File

From each file in Thread you can send an email directly to your client or other file contacts, and have replies come back directly to the file inbox. When sending emails from a Thread file you are using your Microsoft account, so any email you send or receive will also show in your Outlook.

  1. 1. Click on Files in the left pane of your Thread page. 

  1. 2. Under the File Documents tab, click Emails

  1. 3. To send an email from the file, click New in the top pane. 


  1. 4. An email box will appear. You can choose recipients for your email from file contacts by clicking on 'To'.

  2. You can attach any file documents to the email, use a template from Thread Template Desk or just add text from your snippets, and choose the font you would like to use. 

  1. You can request a read receipt, a delivery receipt, or set importance level for the email.  You can also create a follow up task, choosing when you are due to follow up on this email, or assign the task to your colleague.

      To expand your email window, click the bottom right corner of the box to adjust the size:


  1. 5. When finished, click Send, or you can choose Schedule Send (see below) to pick a time when you want the email to be sent.

You can also send a quick new email to any contact linked to a file from the Contacts page, by just right click on the contact name and choose Quick new email.

If your contact has multiple email addresses saved, you can choose which one you want to email.

Schedule Send Email from a File

When following the steps above to send an email, you can choose Schedule Send to pick a time when you want the email to be sent.

Choose your desired time for the email to be sent, and click OK.

Your email will show in the Sent items, with the schedule send time. You can edit the time if needed before it is sent by choosing the Schedule settings option.

To find out more about file emails, go to File Emails - Overview.

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