Uploading Scanned Items directly to files

Uploading Scanned Items directly to files

  1. 1. First locate the scanned folder on your device e.g. (C:) drive or (P:) drive

  2. 2. Select View then Preview pane (to ensure that you can see a preview of your scanned items)

  1. Tip: Rename the documents as you would like them to appear in File activities when you bring them over to Thread

  2. 3. Select the middle box in the top right corner:

  3. 4. In Thread, open the file you wish to upload your scanned document(s) to:

      5. Drag/drop the documents from your scanned folder directly into the file and Upload:

      6. Once the documents are in the file activity, select them and click Edit in the top toolbar
          A pop-up window will appear. 

7. Change the status of the document(s) to Pending, by using the drop-down box and click Save. 
  1. The scanned item(s) will also now appear in Pending Docs located under File Management 

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