Thread Dedicated Email

Thread Dedicated Email

To enable Thread's email functionality, there is an email address in the backend of Thread which is called Thread Dedicated Email. 
This email account is usually created for this purpose only and requires an Exchange Online Plan 1 Microsoft licence with enabled mailbox.
Alternatively, an existing shared email address can be used instead, such as info@ or office@. Note: If using a shared email as a Thread Dedicated Email, this inbox will be receiving all emails sent from Thread and email replies.

Mail flow 
A mail flow rule is set up for the company tenant during the provisioning of Thread which filters the emails based on:
- if they have a Thread tracker code 
- and the sender is outside the company
When those conditions are met, an email is registered in Thread and allocated to the file it belongs to. 

All incoming emails for the company containing the Thread tracker code will have the Thread dedicated email in the Bcc - it is not visible to any sender or recipient, but ensures this email is registered in Thread. For more details on setting up the mail flow rule, click here

User (ie. sends an email from Thread to their client - the email will contain a tracker code that links that email to the file it was sent from. Client then replies to the user - this email reply is registered in Thread and added to the file where it belongs. 

Thread admin users can see the Dedicated Email address in User Hub -> Admin Settings -> General -> Commons

All emails sent to the dedicated email will show in Unassigned Emails tab, unless the tracker code links them to the file directly.

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